Awnings, Shadewall, and Caravan Annexes: Which Option Is Right for You?

The annexe that you’ve been waiting for is here, a combination of canvas walls with a strong vinyl base for easy cleaning and care.


Supply and installing awnings are our specialty. We have great deals on all types, whether it be a rollout, wind out or bag awning. Measuring and fitting can be done at your place or ours.


Our printed and plain shadewalls offer a new dimension in privacy screens for your RV, caravan, horsefloat, backyard or business.


Adding an awning or annexe to your caravan can be the equivalent of giving your camping site a porch, deck, or yard. It’s an effective way to increase the usable space of your caravan while you are camping, whether you need a spot to have a meal, play a game or even spend the night. At Annexe Solutions, we help caravan enthusiasts add these multi-use spaces to their caravans. We make and sell awnings, shadewalls, and caravan annexes in Sydney. The question is, which option is right for you?

The Difference Between Annexes, Awnings, and Shadewalls

When deciding between an annexe, an awning, and a shadewall for your caravan, the option you choose will depend on how much protection you want from the sun, the wind, the rain, and other elements.

An awning is about as basic as you can go. Awnings are essentially just shades or roofs that extend from one side of the caravan, creating a patio space of sorts underneath. They provide relief from the beating hot sun but traditionally have no walls, which means they don’t protect much against wind and only minimally against rain. If you need a place to grill or eat a meal out of the sun, an awning is probably a good bet.

Should you want to create something that provides a bit more protection, you can opt to shop for a caravan annexe in Sydney. Annexes can act as screened-in porches or full extra rooms for your caravan. They connect to the side of your camper (the side with the door) and effectively double the amount of interior space you have on site. Different customers will use the annexe for different things, from makeshift kitchens and dining rooms to extra sleeping areas.

A shadewall allows you to split the difference between awnings and annexes. At Annexe Solutions, our shadewalls are just an attachment for your awning, which means they aren’t really their own category of caravan shade. Instead, the shadewall attaches to the front of the awning and hangs down. It forms one wall for the awning, which provides some extra shade, privacy, and elemental protection. There are still no sidewalls, which you would always have with an annexe. Our shadewalls at Annexe Solutions usually include graphics or visuals of some sort, providing a fun way for caravan owners to express their personalities.

Start Shopping for Awnings, Shadewalls, or Caravan Annexes in Sydney

If you are interested in customising a shadewall or buying a caravan annexe in Sydney, then Annexe Solutions is the place to start shopping. We can customise rollout awnings, graphic shadewalls or full caravan annexes to suit the size and shape of your caravan. We are a mobile business, which means we come to you to measure your caravan and consult on your design. Our service radius includes anything and anyone within a three-hour drive of Sydney.

To start a conversation about caravan annexes, awnings or shadewalls in Sydney, contact Annexe Solutions today.