Caravanning Made Easy with Rollout Caravan Awnings in Newcastle

The annexe that you’ve been waiting for is here, a combination of canvas walls with a strong vinyl base for easy cleaning and care.


Supply and installing awnings are our specialty. We have great deals on all types, whether it be a rollout, wind out or bag awning. Measuring and fitting can be done at your place or ours.


Our printed and plain shadewalls offer a new dimension in privacy screens for your RV, caravan, horsefloat, backyard or business.


Whether you have just a weekend or all the time in the world, there’s nothing quite like caravanning. On your own or with your family, it’s incredibly relaxing and rejuvenating to escape the “real world” and become one with nature. People who love caravanning fully understand the state of mind that comes with being surrounded by the great outdoors and the people you love – one of peace and adventure.

Even if you have a large caravan trailer, the chances are good that you use it mainly for sleeping. If you’re like most people, you probably spend most of your time outside, barbequing, sitting around the fire, or just chatting with your travel buddies and neighbours. These activities become even more enjoyable if you have something that provides shade such as a caravan awning. In Newcastle, awnings are available in many sizes and styles to suit a wide variety of preferences. If you don’t have a caravan awning, here are a few reasons you should strongly consider adding one to your camping setup.

More space

When you add an awning to your RV or motorhome, you create extra space where people can hang out comfortably in the shade. You effectively extend your living area, making a space you can call your own where you can add a table, chairs, anything you want to make it feel like your own little backyard away from home.

Protection from the sun – not the view

Caravan awnings in Newcastle block the sun’s harsh light and heat from glaring down at you and your friends as you relax, making you not only more comfortable but also safer from the harmful UV rays. You won’t have to worry about sunburn or becoming overheated in your pleasantly shaded nook. The right awning will even protect you from the rain, so whatever the weather’s doing, it doesn’t have to affect your ability to enjoy your caravanning experience.


A rollout awning offers you the option of using the awning or putting it away, giving you the flexibility of choosing whether to soak up the sun or sit in the shade. If you’d prefer a little privacy, roll out your awning to add a bit of cover to your personal space. Some awnings close down completely, blocking passers-by and nearby campers from peering in.

Where to buy rollout caravan awnings in Newcastle

If you want an awning for your RV, motorhome, or caravan, Annexe Solutions can help. We provide custom annexes, shade walls, and rollout awnings in a fully mobile service. That means we’ll come to you for all onsite measuring and fitting, making caravanning as easy as possible so that you’re free to relax and enjoy your leisure time. Based in Southern Highlands, we cover a radius of three hours surrounding Sydney – so give us a call to discuss your caravanning needs and learn more about our great solutions. Call on 1300 266 393 or send a message to today.