Choosing a Caravan Awning and Where to Find Rollout Awnings in Sydney

The annexe that you’ve been waiting for is here, a combination of canvas walls with a strong vinyl base for easy cleaning and care.


Supply and installing awnings are our specialty. We have great deals on all types, whether it be a rollout, wind out or bag awning. Measuring and fitting can be done at your place or ours.


Our printed and plain shadewalls offer a new dimension in privacy screens for your RV, caravan, horsefloat, backyard or business.


There are caravan awnings available in all different shapes, sizes, and styles, so deciding to purchase one involves making a few decisions about what type of awning will suit your needs best. Some are lightweight and easy to put up, making them perfect for weekend outings. Others are sturdier and more permanent; these are good options for people who want to stay put for the whole season and need their awning to be able to withstand severe weather. Here are some things to consider when choosing the right awning for your caravanning adventures.

Full caravan awning or porch awning?

One of the decisions you’ll need to make is whether you want your awning to run the full length of your caravan or just cover a smaller area. To decide between these two types of awnings, consider how you’ll be using your outdoor space. Large awnings provide maximum space, making them ideal for holidays and longer trips. They may take longer to construct, but it’s worth the extra effort when you’ll be staying for a while. As it projects from the side of your caravan, your full awning can double your living space. However, if you want an awning that’s lighter in weight and easier to transport and construct, then a porch awning may be for you. You have lots of options, so do your research and choose the right awning for your needs and preferences.

Determining how much space you need

Think about how you’ll be using the space under the awning. Would you like to dine there? If so, you may want to be sure you have enough space for a table and chairs. Do you want to have enough room to shelter a pram, bicycles, toys, or your barbecue (when not in use)? Perhaps you need a place to hang towels to dry or even extra sleeping space. Figuring out what purpose the space will serve will help you choose the right caravan awning in Sydney.

Caravan awnings in Sydney at Annexe Solutions

At Annexe Solutions, we offer a range of caravan awnings, annexes, shade walls, and accessories to make caravanning easier and more fun. Our rollout caravan awnings in Sydney are the most widely-used type of awning for recreational vehicles in Australia. A rollout awning is perfect for pop tops, full-height caravans, buses, and motorhomes. These awnings come in a wide range of colours and styles to suit any needs, and we can also add annexe walls to your awning to provide extra living or storage space. We supply top brands including Dometic, Aussie Traveller, Thule, Carefree, and Fiamma.

We also offer vinyl skin replacements for all brands of awnings. We can replace your awning’s vinyl skin and even work with your insurance company if your awning has sustained damage due to a storm or accident. Our mobile service will come to you for measuring and fitting to ensure that you receive exactly what you need the first time. Are you looking into purchasing or repairing a caravan awning? Contact Annexe Solutions today to learn more.