Annexe Solutions for Caravan Privacy Screens and Shade Walls in Central Coast

The annexe that you’ve been waiting for is here, a combination of canvas walls with a strong vinyl base for easy cleaning and care.


Supply and installing awnings are our specialty. We have great deals on all types, whether it be a rollout, wind out or bag awning. Measuring and fitting can be done at your place or ours.


Our printed and plain shadewalls offer a new dimension in privacy screens for your RV, caravan, horsefloat, backyard or business.


At Annexe Solutions, we love caravanning and have a passion for increasing the enjoyment of your RV experiences. We realised we needed more room than our caravan afforded when we travelled with our children and dog, and we’ve been increasing the living space for others with caravan accessories ever since. We will travel within a 3-hour radius from Sydney including Central Coast to measure and fit your caravan for privacy screens and shade walls.

Benefits of Caravanning

We understand why you want to hit the open road and travel to see the sights of our beautiful country. It gives you the freedom to go where you want when you want and enjoy the camaraderie of like-minded people. The relationships you form with people you meet on the road or in campgrounds are built on a foundation of shared interests. You feel part of the caravanning community where people enjoy sitting back and telling stories or helping each other with daily activities.

Caravanning has several health benefits such as getting more exercise because camping requires physical work. Additionally, many of us enjoy exploring the surrounding natural areas by hiking or fishing which increases your oxygen intake. You reset your biological clock to better match the natural light and dark cycles. Better sleep, more exercise, and increased oxygen cause your body to manufacture increased levels of serotonin, a hormone that makes you feel happy.

Campervans and caravans bring families physically together because they aren’t as spacious as a house, but it also strengthens the emotional bonds. Families must work together to get the chores done. Family members depend on each other for entertainment as you unplug from the world. Instead of watching TV or looking at your phone you play games, swim, or canoe together.

Caravan Privacy Screens and Shade Walls

Even though the small space of the caravan brings your family close, it is still great to get some extra elbow room with a privacy screen or shade walls. They give you an extra outdoor living space that is sheltered from rain or the hot sun to store bikes, a canoe, or barbeque. On rainy days, you will no longer be stuck inside the caravan, and it will keep your area, including inside the caravan, several degrees cooler when the sun is shining.

You can choose a solid privacy screen of one colour or customise your caravan shade walls with images to suit your taste. There are several stock images from which to choose or you can select an image from a photographer with whom we partner. If you have a favourite photo you took stored on your phone or in your camera we can turn it into shade walls. You can get an idea of the result by looking through our shade walls.

A privacy screen or shade wall increases the enjoyment of your caravan immensely. We will come to you in Central Coast to measure your caravan and advise you about our products. If you have questions or want to book an appointment contact Annexe Solutions because “we make caravanning easy.”