Annexe Solutions Caravan Privacy Screens and Shade Walls in Wollongong

The annexe that you’ve been waiting for is here, a combination of canvas walls with a strong vinyl base for easy cleaning and care.


Supply and installing awnings are our specialty. We have great deals on all types, whether it be a rollout, wind out or bag awning. Measuring and fitting can be done at your place or ours.


Our printed and plain shadewalls offer a new dimension in privacy screens for your RV, caravan, horsefloat, backyard or business.


Annexe Solutions believes we make caravanning easy with our quality caravan privacy screens and shade walls because we come to you to take measurements and place your order. Our caravanning accessories are easy to put up and take down and enhance your experience by giving you an extra room outdoors. You can view our complete line of products by browsing our gallery. If you haven’t fallen in love with caravanning, but it is something you are interested in let us help you by explaining some differences in camping vehicles.

Types of Recreational Vehicles

When you decide to start enjoying caravanning, finding the right equipment for your needs can seem daunting. You want to consider the number of people in your group and how much of the comforts of home you want. Keep in mind that you can get a caravan hire to have an idea of what you enjoy before committing to purchasing one.

One option from which to choose is a camper trailer that you tow behind your car or truck. Camper trailers are small with one axle and are easy to tow but still contain the necessities. Some are pop-ups that require some set-up once on site while others have hard sides. One advantage is you have a vehicle for day trips once you unhitch at the campsite.

A caravan is also hitched and towed, but they are bigger with more living space and can provide self-contained systems with water tanks and such or can be hooked up to campground facilities. Because they are bigger a smaller vehicle might not have the towing capacity so keep that in mind if you don’t want to invest in another car or truck.

Campervans have a van front and do not require a towing vehicle which means you will not have a car or truck to take to trips to the store or other errands. They typically don’t come with complete facilities such as toilets or full kitchens but are easy to drive and set up.

Motorhomes are the largest and most luxurious of the recreational vehicles. They are also motorised but are large enough that they can tow an extra car behind for errands. No matter which type of rig you choose we can outfit you with a privacy screen or shade walls for an enhanced outdoor area.

Caravan Privacy Screens and Shade Walls in Wollongong

Shade walls can be used to enclose an outdoor area right outside to give you more privacy. It affords you a space to store gear and use your barbeque. A privacy screen or shade walls block out the sun while still allowing fresh air which keeps the area cooler on sunny days. They will even keep the inside of your caravan several degrees cooler.

If you have any questions about our privacy screens and shade walls or you want to set up an appointment for us to meet you in Wollongong to take measurements contact Annexe Solutions. Our knowledgeable staff is eager to help you enjoy your caravanning experiences.