Printed Shadewalls

Our printed shadewall material is of the highest quality banner mesh – 30% Polyester / 70% PVC, 12 x 12 weave, light transmission 10% (openness), 80% UV Protection

They come with binding all around the edges and black tie downs.

Choose your image from the following options:

  1. Standard images (Prices and images below)
  2. Choose an image from (choose an image, send the link, no extra cost)
  3. Choose an image from amazing photographer –   Extra cost of $50.00
  4. Take your own photo from a good camera. High resolution required and we recommend 300dpi. Extra charge if graphic design required.

We cannot accept mobile or ipad images as the resolution is too small.

Measure your awning vinyl length or area – let us know if it is a wind out or pull out awning with a 4mm or 6mm spline or sail track or if velcro tabs are required.

Measure instruction sheet here

Prices for standard image shadewalls with a 2000mm drop:

$380    2m – 3.5m (7 – 10ft)  plus postage

$430   3.6m – 5m (11 – 15ft)  plus postage

$480    5.1m – 7m (16 – 20ft)  plus postage

$  80    Printed Fridge shadewall plus postage

Postage costs:                $30-45 dependant on your location

Total weight:                  4-7kg

Warranty:                       3 years

Delivery:                         Takes approximately 4 weeks for delivery as they are made to measure

Care Instructions:         Keep rolled up, not folded. Wipe down with damp cloth, no detergents or chemicals required.

We do not recommend rolling your printed shadewall into your awning as it could cause the awning damage.

Standard image options: